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My name is Erin Hijmans (formerly Loyst) and I am a Humanist wedding officiant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  

I am authorized to provide non-religious wedding ceremonies within the province of Ontario.  I also perform celebrations of life and child naming/welcoming ceremonies.

You can verify my name (listed as Erin Hijmans) on the Ontario provincial list of registered religious officials  (I know, I know…”you said non-religious!”  I assure you this is the case, however, the province still classifies all authorized wedding officiants as religious officials, regardless of their religious affiliation – or lack thereof). 

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About Humanism

Humanism is an ethical philosophy based in reason and science.  I do not refer to any religious organization or deity.  All ceremonies I provide are secular in form and content.

All people will be treated fairly and equally here. Love is love.

I am a member of the Ontario Humanist Society.  You can view their website here: Ontario Humanist Society

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